Christmas Bell

Christmas Bell

Okay…I think I have to give up. I’m not able to post a picture everyday right now :-( . I don’t have time to take enough shots and I don’t want to post something I’m not satisfied with. This one is a shot from our little photoexcursion last week. It’s not sharp but I think it’s a bit funny.
I’ll post again when I have something good…Sigh, and I have posted everyday since February :-(

6 tanker om “Christmas Bell

  1. Hehe, nice picture… Yep I think sometimes it's better to stop for a while… I have the same feeling these last days ;) So I don't know what I will do… perhaps a pause for Christmas :) ) See u soon Marianne

  2. Interesting self portrait? The thing about posting everyday is that it is really hard, but also rewarding. A post every day gives daily visits etc., but anyhow a photo a day also sets the quality a bit down.. I am currently trying to post a photo every second day – but a lot of blogs out there post a photo each Monday, Wednesday and Friday – which seems to work very well, so maybe you should try that..

  3. Hi Marianne! don't worry too much about not posting for some time… You've done quite a nice job since february, and it was pleasure to visit you photoblog! But as we need a break from our daily jobs, it is good to take holiday from our hobbies as well. Maybe to take some fresh ideas and then come back with better photos than before.
    In any case, this post is very nice, it has exactly the Christmas atmosphere as I know it :-)

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